By Kilian – The collection

from Nick Tree

Kilian asked us to create 9 short vignettes, one for each of his collection, to be used on their website alongside each fragrance. This was a wonderful opportunity to play with the specific inspirations that he had for each collection and use light, sound and the human body to tell each story. This campaign was taken further with the stills all being shot by Rankin to support the campaign.

All films directed by Nick Tree
Music and sound design by Tom keech
Art direction by Thomas Ishii
Produced by Sophie de Burgh and the By Kilian team
Cinematography by Nick Tree, Thomas Ishii and the rankin team
Edited by Nick Tree
Animated elements by Will Moore and Adam Shell
Colour grade by Nick Tree

Paris Shoot – 
Directed by Nick Tree
Cinematographer – Aadel Nodeh-Farahani
Focus puller – Ben Worthington
Gaffer – Quentin Ameziane
Electrician – Serge Bastien
Electrician – Serge Corvaisier
Producer – Jesse Stagg
Production Company – Shoot Logistics
Production manager – Paul Harvey
Production Assistant – Marc Le Campion
Colourist – Adam Shell

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